Revitalize Your Space: Transforming Wood Floors with Sanding and Oiling

Wood floors sanding and oiling by MP Schuurtechniek. Old wood flooring exudes an ageless allure, boasting a unique and captivating character that only improves with time. Yet, like any cherished possession, hardwood floors are susceptible to losing their sheen, succumbing to the wear and tear of daily life. Despite their inherent strength, they’re not resistant to scratches and dents. Don’t worry, though. Our wood floor sanding technics allow you to breathe new life into your hardwood floors, recapturing their original magnificence and appeal. Here is everything you need to know about our services.

Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling

Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling

If your hardwood floor has previously received an oil treatment or is naturally unfinished, we can directly apply oil. However, if your floor has been varnished before, it must be sanded down to its bare wood surface before we can proceed with the oil treatment. During restoration, we’ll thoroughly remove any dirt and dust, cleansing the floor with a wood floor cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth. Additionally, we’ll ensure the room is adequately ventilated for the best results.

Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling


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Our team of certified parquet fitters and expert advisors work throughout the Netherlands. This way there is always someone active near you!

Amsterdam – 175 m² Sanding and Oiling (Royl)

Renovated by MP Schuurtechniek®

Rotterdam– 120 m² Sanding and Varnishing (Skylt)

Renovated by MP Schuurtechniek®

Eindhoven – 40 m² Sanding and Varnishing (Bona)

Renovated by MP Schuurtechniek®

Maastricht – 48 m² Sanding and Varnishing (Bona)

Renovated by MP Schuurtechniek®

Oiling for a Natural Look

Oiled wood flooring highlights fine details and grain patterns in each plank, offering various tones and colors based on your chosen oil. Our oil selection creates a distinctive look for your floor, from warm, rustic tones to lighter, subtle finishes. Clear oils, on the other hand, also enhance a floor’s natural beauty.

Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling




Why Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling is Essential

It Transforms Appearance

Wood floor sanding and oiling notably enhance the floor’s look. Over time, foot traffic, furniture shifts, and spills can leave them worn, scratched, and stained. Sanding eliminates this damage, revealing an untouched surface ready for staining, sealing, or finishing to your liking. The outcome is a brand new floor, revitalizing the entire room.

It Simplifies Maintenance

Refinished wooden floors are a breeze to maintain compared to untreated ones. A smooth, even surface is less prone to trap dirt and debris, making cleaning easier. Moreover, a newly finished floor resists scratching and staining, lowering the necessity for regular repairs and touch-ups.

It Increases Durability

Sanded and refinished wooden floors outlast their untreated counterparts. While sanding removes surface flaws and evens the wood, the fresh finish protects against future harm. This double treatment significantly extends a wooden floor’s life, sparing homeowners the expense and hassle of a full replacement.

Maintenance Tips for an Oil Floor

The frequency and type of maintenance your oiled wood floor needs depends on its usage. High-traffic areas require at least monthly upkeep.


Routine cleaning prevents dust and dirt from scratching or harming the wood surface. Regular sweeping is essential for oiled wood floors. Although many oil treatments repel water, avoiding excessive water during cleaning is best to prevent damage to the wood planks.

Plus, avoid using floor cleaners, bleach, or all-purpose cleaners, as they can cause blemishes and dull the floor. Immediately wipe up any spills to prevent stains. If you’re concerned about dirt removal, you can engage us for expert services.


Consistent maintenance keeps your oiled wood floors fresh and accentuates their natural look. In addition to regular cleaning, consider treating them with specialized products like oil refreshers or our oil tints to rejuvenate tired-looking wood.

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