Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Wood floors sanding and varnishing by MP Schuurtechniek. Your wooden floor needs proper maintenance to keep its natural beauty and attractiveness. You can do this through wood floor sanding and varnishing. Even if your wooden floor or parquet has lost its original lustre, you can still use this method to bring it back to life. Here is everything you should know about wood floor varnishing and sanding.

Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Why Varnishing a Wood Floor

As a property owner, you and your loved ones will spend more time in your house. Thus, you want to ensure that your space provides an ambiance that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. This is one of the most important reasons you should consider revamping your wood floor. It’s also possible that you might want to sell your property in the future. In that case, you need to work on your home to ensure it gets the highest value possible. Otherwise, you might struggle to get someone willing to spend a fortune to acquire the property in the future.

Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing


You can make an appointment with us on location at short notice. We will then visit you for a no-obligation floor inspection and expert advice.



Our team of certified parquet fitters and expert advisors work throughout the Netherlands. This way there is always someone active near you!

Amsterdam – 175 m² Sanding and Oiling (Royl)

Renovated by MP Schuurtechniek®

Rotterdam– 120 m² Sanding and Varnishing (Skylt)

Renovated by MP Schuurtechniek®

Eindhoven – 40 m² Sanding and Varnishing (Bona)

Renovated by MP Schuurtechniek®

Maastricht – 48 m² Sanding and Varnishing (Bona)

Renovated by MP Schuurtechniek®

Benefits of a Varnished Floor

Here are some benefits of a varnished floor:
• Durability
• Enhanced value
• Ease of maintenance
• Resistance of natural destructive elements

Wood floor varnishing and sanding ensures that your home is always in perfect shape. Consider working on it during summer, when there is less moisture and humidity. The elements will generally not have any effect on the wood, so it won’t respond to any dramatic changes.

Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing




Maintenance Tips for a Varnished Floor

It’s vital to talk to our experts within your location to help you with the wood floor sanding and varnishing process. This is because we have the best tools to get the job done without interfering with the overall décor of your home. Our team of experts will examine the condition and hand and determine the best solution. Therefore, let us help you with our reliable professionals within your area.

To keep your floor in the best condition throughout the year, you need to form a close relationship with the right minds. For instance, we’ll always check back with you to see that your wood floor doesn’t develop weak points sooner than expected. Even if it does, we’ll send our agents to inspect the area with the aim of developing the best solution for the problem.

You should also know some of the best practices to embrace to improve the lifespan of your wood floor. For example, you can dry clean it once every day, and make sure you do this along the grain. It is also essential to wet clean the floor every week.

Free Floor Inspection an advice on location

Our team can help inspect your floor for free. We do this to support our clients who might not be able to tell whether or not it’s time to work on their floor. This is also another way for us to create a close relationship with our customers. This is why you should contact us today, and our team will ensure that you get amazing wood floor sanding and varnishing services without breaking the bank. Klick on the link for more information about wood floor sanding.

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